Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"In God's Name... Forward Boldly"

Blog posts have fallen off, because of the sensitive nature that Sara's mission has taken. She is growing spiritually by leaps and bounds and the growth that she is experiencing is phenomenal!

Because of this, I have been blindsided as to what to keep sacred, and what to publish! I am going to take a different route now with her letters. Instead of publishing her "whole" letter, I will be editing the letters to keep the sacred parts sacred, but still allow the reader to see her growth, and of course her wit and sarcasm which we all know and love!

I apologize for the delay in the blog posts, but with this change I believe it will be easier to post.

An update - which is what threw me into this whole mess in the first place. The blogpost "Gary. Is. On. Fire" - I am sad to report that Gary died a day later. Sara didn't realize how bad the burns were. Her next letter was one of shock and sadness and gratitude in the Atonement and Resurrection. She planned her first funeral, attended the family, and had to clean up the burned areas of the kitchen, including the clothing and flesh that were burned off. It was a life-changing experience for Sara and for us. Hence the change in the tone of her letters. But it is a good change, and a more mature change. She used her talented voice to sing at his funeral and was grateful for the chance to do that. Maybe in future posts, I'll share some of her growth from that experience with you. Right now, it's still a sensitive area for me.

now... "In God's Name... Forward Boldly"

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