Monday, November 18, 2013

The Black Jesus

So. I'm in Kansas! It's pretty fun here. It's funny, I get a little vertigo sometimes because there are no mountains and I feel like the ground slopes downwards. Kinda weird. I'm completely lost all the time because I don't know which way is North. So I'm lookin like a fool to my companion.
My new companion is Sister Be. She's ok. I miss Sister Herrin like crazy. Sister Be. is just really boring. She never laughs or has fun. It's constantly work work work. Which is cool, keeps me busy, but I'm laugh deprived and tired. She also talks waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much. She doesn't shut up for the life of her. And she uses the words "inspired" and "salvation" in almost every freaking sentence. She farts constantly and is fat. It's rough. But she does listen to my ideas and does them which is really cool and which I appreciate.
We teach pretty decently together because we both follow the spirit and are pretty smart in the ways of the doctrine now. We're not close at all. But whatevs. We don't live with any other sister missionaries. We live with a member. Her name is Sister C. She's the one that texted you. She's black and proud of it! She has black everything. She has a black Jesus. I snuck a picture of it to show you guys. She's completely old fashioned. We ate lunch with her and her husband and son and she was sooo concerned with everything matching and looking good. It was pretty funny. She reminds me of Minnie off of 'The Help'.
We have about 12 investigators. TOOOONS of work to be done since this is a new mission. It's exhausting. I found one all by myself on my very first day. His name is Chris. His wife took the kids and left, he's in the military and has post tramatic stress disorder. He smokes and drinks but we had a lesson the other day and he seemed pretty interested. He's gonna read the book of mormon and we'll see him again on Saturday.
There is also an investigator named Alex. He reminds me so much of T. Same way of thinking. So I can talk to him pretty good. He said the only thing keeping him is his girlfriend. And by the end of the lesson he was asking who wants to break up with her for him haha it was funny. So I think we're definitely getting somewhere with him. 
We ate at a members house the other day called the Bidwells. They are hillarious. They have younger kids but they remind me of our family. We're going there for Christmas so maybe you can say hi. The mom's name is Jennifer and she's my favorite. She just doesn't give a crap about what people think of her and she's super laid back and funny and we get along really good. We get fed every night... I really hope I don't get fat. I'm doing my best not to.
The people here are really nice but kinda weird. Half of them care way to much and the other half doesn't care at all. I prefer the latter. Almost everyone in the ward is married to a non-member. It's interesting. And they all hate Utah haha it's funny. Sister Be. gets PISSED whenever someone talks bad about Utah. I don't really care and sometimes agree with them. Which pisses her off more haha oh well. 
Mama, I need a few things please. And I did get my huge box. Thank you so much. And I'm glad I got both bags of jerky. Ok, I need: a copy of my patriarchal blessing (it's in my quad in my bedside drawer), and some stamps. That should be it. Thanks:)
I miss you guys so much. It gets to me sometimes before I go to sleep (cause that's the only time I have time to think) but then I just fall asleep so we're fine. But I love you guys very much. And I'm glad that Mom's sewing isn't lacking and that Dad can finally be home. I'll write again next week! Love you.

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