Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There's No Place Like Home....

Here are some pictures of Sara's last few days at home, and the people that she loves and unselfishly left behind to go serve the Lord and share the Gospel for the next 18 months....


Grandpa Dennis, Dad, Sara, Brothers Matthew and Jake
The family Priesthood that helped set Sara apart as a missionary.

Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Deenie.

BFF Ashley, Sara and Lexi

The whole FAMILY! (minus the little ones and Zac)

Grandma Alice, who is 89 years young. But swears she won't die until she sees all her grandkids married. That leaves Sara, and Sara's sister Rachel.

Some of Sara's nieces and nephews... We're missing 2 at this point in this picture.

Big brother Daniel. She homeschooled with him for 10 years, so they know each other pretty well.

The Family Homeschool Group
Megan, Sara, Daniel and Rachel

Biggest Brother Jake

Ryan, Emily(Sara's "oldest" sister) and Sara

Jared, Ryan, Emily and Sara

Two influential people in Sara's life. Stake President Jones, Sara, and "Bish" Bishop DeHaan

Dad of course

After getting set apart as a missionary with Grandpa Dennis.

Jake and Sara. One last good bye.

Brother Matthew who likes to tease and was quick on the uptake with the hugs!

Ty, Sara and Doug. (Why is Doug ALWAYS so happy?)

Niece Brooke, Sara, and nephews Jackson and Aiden / Ironman

BFF / Sister Rachel

Matthews family
Aiden, Matt, Sara, Stephanie and Jackson

Ty, Lexi, Sara, and Doug at Provo Temple. One Last Good bye
(because the other two times weren't enough)

Rachel and Sara

Dad, Sara and Mom

 One last wave as she entered the MTC and then she was gone!
Because there's "No Place Like Home"
please write to Sara!
Letters are missionaries lifelines.
Sister Sara Melinda Barlocker
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th Street North
Wichita, KS  67206-1219
And until we get her back...
Missionaries from the MTC arriving in Kansas

Topeka Stake Missionaries at Stake Conference
This is her new family!
We Love You Sara!

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