Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watch Out Kansas! A Pretty Tornado is on the Way!

Well, She's gone! Sara left for the Wichita Kansas Mission on November 12, 2013. Arriving safely she stayed the night at the mission home, and then headed out to her first area...
I hope that area is ready for her! :)
Arriving in her first area, she realized that she never received her box with all her bedding in it! Not to worry! She got it 3 days later, when Mission President Call delivered it to her during Stake Conference! (At least that's what I HOPE happened!)
I figure that it doesn't do any good to worry, so I assume that the lack of bedding the first few nights just builds character! Right???
Maybe, if she's cold enough, she'll GET UP! I understand that her MTC Companion (Sis. Herrin from Idaho Falls - Above) has to keep waking her up. hmmmm. Thank you Sis. Herrin!
...Now we're just waiting to hear what's up in Kansas!

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