Sunday, December 1, 2013

31 Days and Counting! Life with the "Sara Shrine" :D

Well, our dear Sara has been out for over a month now!

A couple of days after we got Sara's first batch of pictures, I went about making a place for everyone to see her pictures. I hang them on the door next to our kitchen. It's lovingly become known as the "Sara Shrine".

Right in the middle of the door, is an 8x10 of Sara with small squares with numbers in them. It's a way for me to count down her time in the mission field.

I thought that if I'm counting down, other people (Lexi) might be too. I thought you all might like the countdown poster! Unfortunately, I can't get the picture to load, so you'll have to copy mine and use the idea with your picture! (when I get computer savvy, I'll let you know!)

To make time go faster, I only count Fast Sundays... because we ALL KNOW how fast those fast Sundays come around! 

And today, I get to put her first sticker on it! Yay!

Only 17 months to go!

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