Monday, December 9, 2013

Gary. Is. On. Fire.

Well. Topeka finally showed its true colors this week. I am living in a insane asylum. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I am laughing constantly and I'm always entertained but I have never met a group of people like this in my whole life. They just talk and tell you everything. EVERYTHING. I know more about everyone in Topeka than I know about my own family. I think they just see the badge and they assume that I care. I love it here but lets just say I don't think I'll be visiting. I couldn't handle it. 

Anyway, the evidence that Topeka is full of crazies:

It all started when Topeka got half an inch of snow and half the city shut down. We drove past about 6 wrecks, church almost got cancelled and we got about 8 of our appointments cancelled because "there is too much snow on the ground and it's too cold to go outside." Topekans literally do not go outside if it is below freezing. There was a half inch of snow. That's why I wanted those pictures, so I can show these people what real snow is.

Topeka snow vs. Utah snow

Then, yesterday at church. (my talk went well.) The Elders brought one of their investigators which is a teenage mom with an 8-month old baby. After gospel principles, she was holding the baby, then, because she's obviously mental , she dropped the little baby on its face into the ground. This baby is going to be jacked up because of shaken baby syndrome. She then proceeded to non-chalantly pick the screaming baby up as if it happens all of the time and say "oh calm down" as she held and violently rocked it back and forth to comfort it. Sister Beuchert and I are seriously considering calling child protective services. If you aren't going to take care of your kid, other people will.

THEN, this morning, Sister Beuchert and I wake up and we have a voice mail from 4 in the morning. We were super confused at who would call us that early, so, as we listened to the voice mail, we learn that it is one of our investigators, Linda. Linda is about 56 and is married to Gary, who has Dementia. The message goes on to say that this morning, at 3:30 am, Gary was making eggs while Linda was sleeping. Next thing Linda knows, Gary runs into their room and wakes her up by yelling, turns out, Gary is on fire. Gary. Is. On. Fire. From making eggs. At 3:30 in the morning. So she called us to tell us that she is on her way to the hospital because Gary got life-flighted there and she wanted us to know. WHAT THE FREAK?!?! We're going to bring the Elders to give him a blessing soon.

Topeka is something else. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Jason Macilrath (Matt's old friend) is our ward mission leader because he's going to the law school out here but Sister Beuchert and I spend every Saturday morning with him, Elder Brown and Elder Every just bashing everything in and about Topeka. I almost pee myself laughing every time. Then we sometimes get to missionary stuff. You know.
(Glad she's serious!)

Other than me trying everything in my power to not end up like a native Topekan, I'm doing really good. I'm having a ton of fun with Sister Beuchert and the Elders. I adore Elder Brown. He is the funniest kid ever. We're super tight. I might want to date him when I get home. He just needs to break up with his girlfriend and get off of our missions and then we're good to go. (1. Glad she's NOT serious! 2. Peeing your pants should impress Elder Brown enough that his girlfriend is HISTORY! and 3. Finish the mission Sara...)

Mission work is going well. Nothing has really changed since last week. But I'll keep you up to date with that and all the crazies that I have to deal with. I love you guys. Have fun in Utah and don't get in a wreck because of the snow like the bat-crazy people here. Oh, I did get my box. Thank you very much mom and dad! It's taking everything in me not to open the presents. I love you guys!
...And then another post came - even though her big brother instructed her that "you don't have to tell mom EVERYTHING"...
 There was also a quadruple homicide in our area on a street that we walk down regularly. Just so ya know. But don't worry. I got the power of God with me!

(Glad she's serious!!! and SUPER glad that God is with her!...Prayers people! prayers!...Thanks :)

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  1. Ran across this. As someone who was born & raised here in Topeka I'm disappointed in your writing of whomever you met here that you felt compelled to write in such detail of. I'm pretty sure you'll find that this is the case in just about anywhere you go & that the group of people you mention are a couple of bad apples. Not all of us are as you suggest. Hope that someday you'll meet the good ones.